Add a Bitcoin Compatible coin (SPV) to Agama Mobile

The Agama mobile code comprises of two parts. Agama wallet library and MeteorJS app. This assetchain adding guide will cover both. All the files needs changing are linked. To learn about adding Komodo Assetchains to Agama mobile look here .

Agama wallet library

MeteorJS app

How to get network parameters


You need to convert pubKeyHash (PUBKEY_ADDRESS), scriptHash (SCRIPT_ADDRESS) and wif (SECRET_KEY) decimal values to hexadecimal representation. You can use this website to do the conversion: . PUBKEY_ADDRESS conversion example (KMD): 60 dec -> 0x3c hex * In case if SECRET_KEY consists of two decimal numbers (e.g. 63 + 128) sum them up and use the result (192) on the converter website listed above.

If you can’t find chainparams.cpp in your code base, try checking one of the files listed here

Please make sure the BTC compatible coin is working in Agama before making a PR. Pull requests containing partial information or not working assets/servers will remain unmerged until all requirements are fulfilled.