1. Spv max vin parse settings has been added.
  1. SPV parse settings may be found in Settings -> App Config
  1. Login quick menu click outside fix, Added an option to Remove all SPV Coins
  1. Open Agama then select a coin from the SPV dropdown
  2. With the login screen displayed select the Quick Access link then select the new option Remove all SPV Coins
  1. Update glxt seed node ip - Dev only
  2. Partial responsive layout support
  3. Added kv explorer link
  1. The KV explorer link has been added and is the following:
  1. Rename placeholders interest -> rewards, new interest rules past height > 1m
  1. References to “interest” are now replaced by “rewards”
  1. Spv detect clock diff - Dev only
  2. Spv local cache
  1. Spv-cache.json is now stored locally
  1. Spv proxy
  1. The SPV Proxy option is enabled in Setting -> App Config
  1. agt-186, tools multi balance proper fallback/error handling
  1. Old message when KMD explorer is down
  1. New message when KMD explorer is down