1. Custom electrum servers config
  1. The ability to configure a custom electrum server list has been added to Settings -> App Config
  1. Extended argv - Dev only
  2. KV electrum list
  1. The ability to sync the electrum servers list from KV has been added to Settings -> App Config
  1. Load coins list from file on app initialization
  1. To enable loading your favorite coins from a file select the Load coins list from file option in Settings -> App Config
  1. KV electrum servers list
  1. The KV electrum server list may now be downloaded by selecting the Download KV Electrum servers list button in Settings->App Config
  1. Spv watch-only hides KMD claim button
  1. If KMD is logged in as watch only, then the claim rewards button will now be hidden.
  1. Updated support page
  1. Support tickets link has been updated to
  1. Spv balance subtract unconfirmed balance, displays info icon
  1. The info icon has been added to the Send -> Confirming screen
  1. Updated asset explorers to point to * - Dev only
  2. ZILLA coin added.
  1. Chainzilla coin is now available in the Activate Coin screen
  1. Chainzilla wallet creation
  1. Tx history csv export
  1. Exporting the tx history in csv format is now available in the bottom portion of Transactions screen
  1. Spv Send - no valid utxo - message handling
  1. A new utxo validation message will now display with more detail
  1. Spv send confirm with pin

a .To require a pin for send transactions go to Settings -> App Config -> Require pin to confirm transaction tab

  1. Once enabled save changes then restart the wallet. Now when making a send transaction your pin is required before confirming


  • KV null history display fix
  • KV history refresh fix
  • KV history refresh button fix
  • Native send result table css overflow fix
  • Fixed settings save bug that got socket timeout param broken
  • Fixes the recent SPV connectivity issues