Complete Checklist for New Coins to Setup Explorers, Electrum Servers, Agama Wallet, Activate dPoW & BarterDEX Trading

This document will guide you through creating an independent assetchain/coin using Komodo and setup explorer, electrum servers, integrate into Agama GUI wallet, dPoW and enable trading on BarterDEX.

Step 1: Create an Assetchain/Coin, Setup Insight based Explorer, Electrum Servers and Agama GUI Wallet

  1. The various parameters using which the new blockchain can be customized are explained here: Parameters to customize Blockchains created using Komodo Platform
  2. Install explorer: gcharang/komodo-install-explorer
  3. Setup Electrum SPV server
  4. Integrate into Agama Desktop wallet
  5. Integrate into Agama Mobile wallet

We have used Zaddex (ZEX) coin as example for some part of this document. Please change to your coin name where ever applicable.

Coin name: Zaddex
Ticker: ZEX
Start Command: ``./komodod -pubkey=$pubkey -ac_name=ZEX -ac_cc=2 -ac_founders=1 -ac_halving=525600 -ac_reward=13000000000 -ac_pubkey=039d4a50cc70d1184e462a22edb3b66385da97cc8059196f8305c184a3e21440af -addnode= &``
RPCport: 26477

Step 2: PR List for Activating dPoW

In order to activate dPoW you need to submit Pull Requests into 2 GitHub repos.

  1. Komodo repo (dev branch) - jl777/komodo
  2. SuperNET repo (dev branch) - jl777/SuperNET

Step 2.1 Changes required for Komodo repo

  • 2 new files need to be created and 2 existing files need updating. These new files are executable scripts named as the coin ticker with small letters. They would go inside ~/komodo/src/ac/ and ~/komodo/src/fiat/ dir and required for quering the chain easily. i.e.: ~/komodo/src/ac/zex getinfo .

Contents of these 2 new files would be as following:

./komodo-cli -ac_name=ZEX $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6
  • So, you will have ~/komodo/src/ac/zex and ~/komodo/src/fiat/zex . Make sure both of the files have proper executable permission .
  • Next, is to add coin parameters at the bottom of assetchains.json and assetchains.old files inside ~/komodo/src/ directory. Please check the links to the files to understand how they were done. The .json file is basically converting the ZEX chain's startup command from shell fromat to JSON format.
  • Check this commit to fully understand what was done to add ZEX to the Komodo repo.

Step 2.2 Changes required for SuperNET repo

  • To the SuperNET repo, we need to add 1 new file called zex_7776 inside ~/SuperNET/iguana/coins/ (please change zex with your coin ticker). Make sure this file has executable permission . This file gets created automatically in the directory where you start the chain from. Generally inside ~/komodo/src/ dir.
  • And, we need to edit 4 existing files, dpowassets, iguana_notary.c, m_notary_run & m_splitfund) inside ~/SuperNET/iguana/ dir. These links points to the line where you should be checking.
  • Check this commit to fully understand what was done to add ZEX in SuperNET repo.
  • Once you have all the changes done locally, you can submit a PR to Komodo and SuperNET repo dev branch. After the PR gets merged , it will be announced and Komodo Notary Node operators will update their node and start notarizing the coin.

Step 3: PR List for enabling BarterDEX trading

In order for the coin to be enabled in BarterDEX trading platform you need to submit a PR to jl777/coins repo.

Here is an useful guide for the process.


  1. Logo (icon) - jl777/coins:icons/zex.png@master
  2. Explorer - jl777/coins:explorers/ZEX@master
  3. Coin info - jl777/coins:coins@master#L2789
  4. Electrum servers (BEER as example)- jl777/coins:electrums/BEER@master