Extracting WIF/privkey from Komodo Platform

To be able to get the privkey of the Smart Address created by the Komodo Platform Passphrase you will need to add the wif:1 handle to the MarketMaker command. The MarketMaker execution command is in ./client.

cd ~/KomodoPlatform/iguana/dexscripts
nano ./client

You will see the ./client script like this:

./marketmaker "{\"gui\":\"nogui\",\"client\":1, \"userhome\":\"/${HOME#"/"}\", \"passphrase\":\"$passphrase\", \"coins\":$coins}" &

Now you need to add the wif:1 handle like this:

./marketmaker "{\"gui\":\"nogui\",\"client\":1,\"wif\":1, \"userhome\":\"/${HOME#"/"}\", \"passphrase\":\"$passphrase\", \"coins\":$coins}" &

Once this edit is done, now start MarketMaker:

cd ~/KomodoPlatform/iguana/dexscripts

Execute ./setpassphrase API command

With that command you will see all active coins listed with their respective WIF privkeys.