Be a marketmaker or Bob node using barterDEX CLI

It is very easy to be a marketmaker or Bob in barterDEX. Anyone can be Bob using any supported coin and can provide liquidity for any pair in the market.

Benefits of being a Bob node:

  • Bob node / marketmaker doesn’t have to pay 0.15% DEX fee
  • Can do margin trading


  1. barterDEX CLI installed - BarterDEX CLI Install guide
  2. Native coin wallet

APIs needed

You will only need client, setpassphrase, enable, autoprice to be a marketmaker in barterDEX. All the API usage is explained in the below steps.



Use ./client & to start barterDEX. Do NOT use ./run unless you have reliable fast connection from a datacenter or VPS. Don’t change the file contents unless you know what you are doing.


This API will set your passphrase and let you use the userpass value in every script. This is the second API/script you need to run.


For using native mode, coin daemons need to be installed and blockchains fully synced. Native is recommended for faster performance and reliability. Edit the enable script with the coin names you want to activate for trading.


electrum is not recommended to setup a Bob node. It will create connectivity issues and you may run into trouble while trying to match and process swaps.


This is the most important API for Bob or marketmaker. You need to edit this file to your liking. This contains the price, coin name for any pair your are making. Check here for more info on all BarterDEX API.

Once you issue the ./autoprice script, you just need to wait for alice/buyer to buy from your order. All the trade info will be shown in your console as they are happening.