# add_node_to_version_stat

The add_node_to_version_stat method adds a Node's name, IP address and PeerID to a local database to track which version of MM2 it is running. The name parameter is an arbitrary identifying string, such as "seed_alpha" or "dragonhound_DEV". The address parameter is the node's IP address or domain names. The Peer ID can be found in the MM2 log file after a connection has been initiated, and looks like the below:

07 09:33:58, atomicdex_behaviour:610] INFO Local peer id: PeerId("12D3KooWReXsTVCKGAna1tzrD1jaUttTSs17ULFuvvzoGD9bqmmA")

Note: To allow collection of version stats, added nodes must open port 38890.

# Arguments

Structure Type Description
name string the name assigned to the node
address string the IP address of the node
peer_id string the node's unique Peer ID

# 📌 Examples

# Command

curl --url "" --data "{
    \"mmrpc\": \"2.0\",
    \"params\":{\"name\": \"seed1\",
    \"address\": \"\",
    \"peer_id\": \"12D3KooWEsuiKcQaBaKEzuMtT6uFjs89P1E8MK3wGRZbeuCbCw6P\"}