# convertaddress

convertaddress coin from to_address_format

The convertaddress method converts an input address to a specified address format.

For example, this method can be used to convert a BCH address from legacy to cash address format and vice versa.

Or this can be used to convert an ETH address from single to mixed case checksum format.

# Arguments

Structure Type Description
coin string the name of the coin address context
from string input address
to_address_format object address format to which the input address should be converted
to_address_format.format string (enum) address format to which the input address should be converted, possible values: mixedcase for ETH/ERC20 coins; cashaddress or standard for UTXO coins
to_address_format.network string (enum) network prefix for cashaddress format. Possible values: bitcoincash for BCH mainnet; bchtest for BCH testnet; bchreg for BCH regtest

# Response

Structure Type Description
result.address string the result of address conversion