# enable

enable coin (urls swap_contract_address mm2 tx_history=false)


AtomicDEX software requires the mm2 parameter to be set for each coin; the methods to activate the parameter vary. See below for further information.

The enable method enables a coin by connecting the user's software instance to the coin blockchain using the native coin daemon.

Each coin can be enabled only once, and in either Electrum or Native mode. The DEX software does not allow a coin to be active in both modes at once.

For utxo-based coins the daemon of this blockchain must also be running on the user's machine for enable to function.


The AtomicDEX API node's coin address needs to be imported manually into the coin daemon using the importaddress call.


To enable QRC20 token using the enable method, make sure the Qtum blockchain daemon is configured correctly. MM2 requires the following options to be in the qtum.conf:


If a QRC20 token is based on Qtum testnet/regtest, please make sure that the coins file has the property "network": "testnet" or "network": "regtest". See the example below.

  "coin": "QRC20",
  "pubtype": 120,
  "p2shtype": 50,
  "wiftype": 128,
  "segwit": true,
  "txfee": 0,
  "mm2": 1,
  "mature_confirmations": 500,
  "required_confirmations": 1,
  "network": "testnet",
  "protocol": {
    "type": "QRC20",
    "protocol_data": {
      "platform": "tQTUM",
      "contract_address": "0xd362e096e873eb7907e205fadc6175c6fec7bc44"

ETH/ERC20 coins are also enabled by the enable method, but a local installation of an ETH node is not required.

# Notes on the mm2 Parameter

Please refer to the mm2 explanatory section in the electrum method for information about setting the mm2 parameter and testing new coins.

Link to mm2 explanatory section

For terminal interface examples using the mm2 parameter with the enable method, see the examples section below.

# Using AtomicDEX Software on an ETH-Based Network

The following information can assist the user/developer in connecting AtomicDEX software to the Ethereum network:

To use AtomicDEX software on another Ethereum-based network, such as the Kovan testnet or ETC, deploy the Etomic swap contract code from the repository linked below. Use of this code requires either an ETH node setup or access to a public service such as Infura. (opens new window)

Link to repository code for Ethereum-based networks (opens new window)

# Arguments

Structure Type Description
coin string the name of the coin the user desires to enable
urls array of strings (required for ETH/ERC20) urls of Ethereum RPC nodes to which the user desires to connect
swap_contract_address string (required for ETH/ERC20) address of etomic swap smart contract
gas_station_url string (optional for ETH/ERC20) url of ETH gas station API (opens new window); The AtomicDEX API uses eth_gasPrice RPC API (opens new window) by default; when this parameter is set, the AtomicDEX API will request the current gas price from Station for new transactions, and this often results in lower fees
mm2 number (required if not set in the coins file) this property informs the AtomicDEX software as to whether the coin is expected to function; accepted values are either 0 or 1
tx_history bool whether the node should enable tx_history preloading as a background process; this must be set to true if you plan to use the my_tx_history API
required_confirmations number the number of confirmations for which the AtomicDEX API must wait for the selected coin to perform the atomic swap transactions; applicable only for coins using Komodo dPoW
requires_notarization bool whether the node should wait for a notarization of the selected coin that is performing the atomic swap transactions applicable only for coins using Komodo dPoW

# Response

Structure Type Description
address string the address of the user's coin wallet, based on the user's passphrase
balance string (numeric) the amount of coin the user holds in their wallet; does not include unspendable_balance
unspendable_balance string (numeric) the coin balance that is unspendable at the moment (e.g. if the address has immature UTXOs)
coin string the ticker of enabled coin
required_confirmations number AtomicDEX API will wait for the this number of coin's transaction confirmations during the swap
requires_notarization bool whether the node must wait for a notarization of the selected coin that is performing the atomic swap transactions
mature_confirmations number (optional) the number of coinbase transaction confirmations required to become mature; UTXO coins only
result string the result of the request; this value either indicates success, or an error or other type of failure

# 📌 Examples

# Command (for Bitcoin-based blockchains)

curl --url "" --data "{\"userpass\":\"$userpass\",\"method\":\"enable\",\"coin\":\"HELLOWORLD\"}"

# Command (With required_confirmations and requires_notarization arguments)

curl --url "" --data "{\"userpass\":\"$userpass\",\"method\":\"enable\",\"coin\":\"HELLOWORLD\",\"required_confirmations\":10,\"requires_notarization\":true}"

# Command (for Ethereum and ERC20-based blockchains)

curl --url "" --data "{\"userpass\":\"$userpass\",\"method\":\"enable\",\"coin\":\"ETH\",\"urls\":[\"http://eth-ropsten.cipig.net:8645\"],\"swap_contract_address\":\"0x7Bc1bBDD6A0a722fC9bffC49c921B685ECB84b94\"}"

# Command (for Ethereum and ERC20-based blockchains with gas_station_url)

curl --url "" --data "{\"userpass\":\"$userpass\",\"method\":\"enable\",\"coin\":\"ETH\",\"urls\":[\"http://eth-ropsten.cipig.net:8645\"],\"swap_contract_address\":\"0x7Bc1bBDD6A0a722fC9bffC49c921B685ECB84b94\",\"gas_station_url\":\"https://ethgasstation.info/json/ethgasAPI.json\"}"

# Command (With mm2 argument)

curl --url "" --data "{\"userpass\":\"$userpass\",\"method\":\"enable\",\"coin\":\"HELLOWORLD\",\"mm2\":1}"