# my_tx_history

my_tx_history (from_id limit=10 max=false page_number)

The my_tx_history method returns the blockchain transactions involving the AtomicDEX API node's coin address.

The coin that is used must have tx_history set to true in its enable or electrum call.

# Arguments

Structure Type Description
coin string the name of the coin for the history request
limit number limits the number of returned transactions; ignored if max = true
max bool whether to return all available records; defaults to false
from_id string AtomicDEX API will skip records until it reaches this ID, skipping the from_id as well; track the internal_id of the last displayed transaction to find the value of this field for the next page
page_number number AtomicDEX API will return limit swaps from the selected page; This param will be ignored if from_uuid is set.

# Response

Structure Type Description
transactions array of objects transactions data
from_id string the from_id specified in the request; this value is null if from_id was not set
skipped number the number of skipped records (i.e. the position of from_id in the list + 1); this value is 0 if from_id was not set
limit number the limit that was set in the request; note that the actual number of transactions can differ from the specified limit (e.g. on the last page)
total number the total number of transactions available
page_number number the page_number that was set in the request
total_pages number total pages available with the selected limit
current_block number the number of the latest block of coin blockchain
sync_status object provides the information that helps to track the progress of transaction history preloading at background
sync_status.state string current state of sync; possible values: NotEnabled, NotStarted, InProgress, Error, Finished
sync_status.additional_info object additional info that helps to track the progress; present for InProgress and Error states only
sync_status.additional_info.blocks_left number present for ETH/ERC20 coins only; displays the number of blocks left to be processed for InProgress state
sync_status.additional_info.transactions_left number present for UTXO coins only; displays the number of transactions left to be processed for InProgress state
sync_status.additional_info.code number displays the error code for Error state
sync_status.additional_info.message number displays the error message for Error state

# 📌 Examples

# Command

curl --url "" --data "{\"userpass\":\"$userpass\",\"method\":\"my_tx_history\",\"coin\":\"RICK\",\"limit\":1,\"from_id\":\"1d5c1b67f8ebd3fc480e25a1d60791bece278f5d1245c5f9474c91a142fee8e1\"}"

# Command (max = true)

curl --url "" --data "{\"userpass\":\"$userpass\",\"method\":\"my_tx_history\",\"coin\":\"RICK\",\"max\":true,\"from_id\":\"1d5c1b67f8ebd3fc480e25a1d60791bece278f5d1245c5f9474c91a142fee8e1\"}"