# Running Komodo Software in Debug Mode

# Introduction

To run Komodo software in debug mode, follow these steps.

# Install gdb

sudo apt-get install gdb

# Run Komodo Daemon With gdb Tool

Initiate your daemon using with gdb -args as a prefix.

For example, the below command would initiate the Komodod daemon with mining active and a designated pubkey.

gdb -args ./src/komodod -gen -genproclimit=2 -pubkey="03af2412ebf9517a43d192193490476fd0a44312c70755e07eb03b6d71338ebc9d"


If you are having trouble initiating komodod in the shell, try use the absolute path to komodod. For example, /home/$USERNAME/komodo/src/komodod

The shell should return the following prompt.


Execute run in the shell to start Komodo in debug mode.

gdb> run

# Retrieving Backtrace Data

Whenever komodod crashes, you will again see gdb> as a prompt.

To recall the last stages of komodod before the crash, execute the following command.

# Command
gdb> backtrace

The returned data can be shared with any Komodo developer to assist in troubleshooting Komodo development.

Select and highlight all relevant data using the cursor, and then use CTRL + SHIFT + C to copy to the clipboard.