# Simple Installations

# Smart Chain Installation

To install the Komodo daemon, komodod, and its necessary counterpart, komodo-cli, the simplest method is to download pre-compiled binaries.

Downloadable packages are available for Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

Download and unzip the software files for your operating system..

# Installing the Simple Downloadable Files

Once unzipped, the executables do not require installation. Simply find komodod and komodo-cli in the directory where you unzipped the files.

You may also build komodod and komodo-cli from source. This is not required, but it is considered the best practice. Building from source enables you to receive the latest patches and security upgrades the moment they are pushed to the komodod source.

# See the Smart Chains Documentation for Further Details

Please see the full Smart Chains technical documentation for full software explanations.

You will find a walkthrough on building from source here.

# AtomicDEX Installation

# Installing AtomicDEX Software

The following links contain downloadable AtomicDEX software. Simply download the files appropriate for your operating system, extract them to your desired location, and double click the application to begin.

Link to AtomicDEX Software - Simple Installations

# Additional AtomicDEX Documentation

Please see the following links for further details regarding AtomicDEX software.

Link to Source Code Installation Methods

Link to AtomicDEX API