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Rewards contract allows us to create a master-node like rewards program. Which gives a user the ability to earn rewards by locking coins.

APR, minimum deposit, required holding period are all configurable in each rewards plan (there can be many active at any given time).

The flow of a Rewards plan is as follows:

  • Anyone can create a new plan using rewardscreatefunding
  • Anyone can add funding to the plan using rewardsaddfunding
  • Anyone can query the list of all active plans using rewardslist
  • Then get the details of a particular plan by using rewardsinfo
  • After finding a plan that suits, any user can lock funds using rewardslock
  • After the minimum lock time is met, the user can use rewardsunlock to unlock the funds and get the additional rewards too.


If you create a plan with mindeposit: 10000, make sure you have added 10000 + tx fees using the rewardsaddfunding call after creating the plan. The Rewards contract won’t allow locking of funds greater than the amount already locked in a single transaction as it needs to assure that it will have the required funds to pay.