# Change Log (Agama-Desktop)

# v0.3.6

  • Latest KMD bins based on beta branch
  • Create wallet refactor
  • Restore wallet
  • Add coin modal spv kmd assets toggle
  • PIN login refactor
  • Added User Agreement
  • Store active coins list in PIN file
  • HUSH switched to HUSH3 asset chain using SPV/Lite mode
  • OUR native mode wallet -ac_perc param fix
  • K64 logo change
  • ILN name fix and logo change
  • SPV caching fix
  • Removed GBX
  • Import key modal multi rescan fix
  • Address book z-address fix

# v0.3.5

  • Enabled Notary Elections UI
  • SPV confirmations counter fix
  • Native notifications settings option (thanks to sawlysawly)
  • Jumbler section removed (deprecated)
  • GRS support
  • Removed MNZ asset chain
  • Added KSB, OUR, ILN, RICK, MORTY, VOTE2019, MTST3, RFOX, K64 asset chains
  • Removed ERC20 tokens: AION, BTM, CMT, EOS, ICX, NAS, NET, NULS, TUSD, VEN
  • Added ERC20 tokens: JST, DEC8, TRET, TILE, OVAL, KEA, CLF
  • ERC20 contract ID changed: SUB, QBUIT, MLN

# v0.3.4

  • Source code optimization
  • Minor improvements and fixes

# v0.3.3

  • Latest Komodo binary 0.3.3b from beta branch
  • Display dPoW Confirmations in Lite Mode
  • Display rawconfirmations when hovering on confirmations numbers for Native and Lite mode
  • Display dPoW Confirmation badge for Native and Lite mode
  • Lite mode tx confirmation display now faster than earlier version
  • Import Sapling privkey fix using Import Key button, earlier version had error while importing sapling key
  • Shortcut start button fix for Pirate (ARRR)
  • PGT icon, badge color fix
  • Fix for tx history post lock/logout bug
  • Minor improvements in tools offline tx sign
  • Tools multisig address generation, tx create/co-sign
  • Added new coin LUMBER

# v0.3.2

  • Latest Komodo binary with z_mergetoaddress fix
  • Other minor Agama improvements

# v0.3.1

  • Latest Komodo binary 0.3.1
  • Offline Signing improvements
  • Various bug fixes and imporovements
  • ZILLA params updated to not to activate Sapling

# v0.3.0

  • Major Update
  • Latest Komodo binary (release notes)
  • Sapling ready
  • Offline Signing (Guide)
  • CLI display bug fixed
  • Coin pricing update
  • ETH & ERC20 token support (list)
  • Added SUQA, Bitzec
  • Removed BCBC and ARG

# v0.2.43

  • updated komodo binary
  • various fixes (SPV, reward)
  • added KMDice
  • added Dionpay

# v0.2.42

  • updated komodo binary
  • various fixes
  • added PIRATE

# v0.2.41d

  • updated komodo binary
  • updated electron version
  • security updates

# v0.2.41

  • updated electrum servers list
  • new asset chain zilla
  • save settings fix
  • spv remove coin fix

# v0.2.40

  • custom electrum servers config
  • extended argv
  • kv electrum list
  • load coins list from file on app init
  • native send result table css overflow fix
  • send native max balance shortcut, per address basis
  • kv electrum servers list
  • kv null history display fix
  • kv history refresh fix
  • kv history refresh btn fix
  • spv watchonly hide kmd claim button
  • updated support page
  • spv balance subtract unconf balance, display info icon
  • tx history csv export
  • spv send no valid utxo message handling
  • spv send confirm with pin

# v0.2.39

  • new spv coins game and fujicoin (fjc)
  • new asset chain prlpay
  • spv socket timeout settings option
  • sensitive data blur toggle
  • tools split/merge utxo wif support
  • kv lite

# v0.2.38

  • spv max vin parse settings
  • login quick menu click outside fix, remove spv coins option
  • update glxt seed node ip
  • partial responsive layout support
  • added kv explorer link
  • rename placeholders interest - rewards, new interest rules past height 1m
  • spv detect clock diff
  • spv local cache
  • spv proxy
  • agt-186, tools multi balance proper fallback/error handling

# v0.2.37

  • arg electrum port fix
  • custom ac genproclimit dropdown

# v0.2.36

  • kv spv
  • native -gen param
  • spv watchonly address mode ui flag
  • interest calc edge case fix
  • improved seed encrypt, thanks to luke
  • new ac chain
  • tools - get multiple kmd balances
  • experimental support for custom asset chains, staking and mining

# v0.2.35

  • updated electrum servers
  • spv 0 conf timestamp fix
  • new coin bcbc
  • new asset chain glxt
  • spv shielded tx decoding fix
  • seed storage pin rename/delete
  • disable nn voting ui

# v0.2.34

  • load gui content from file instead of a remote url
  • better seed gen (bip39)
  • updated btc, dgb, zec spv servers

# v0.2.33

  • seed storage related bug fixes
  • komodod update

# v0.2.32

  • bntn, eql asset chains
  • custom seed entropy check
  • send form multisig address validation bug fix
  • encrypted seed storage

# v0.2.31

  • enabled mesh asset chain back
  • login form native shortcut 32 bit check
  • z key import
  • multi wif import
  • send form multisig address validation fix
  • spv listtransactions bug fix causing app to freeze
  • spv updated sng electrum servers
  • oot ac native fix

# v0.2.30c

  • spv sng coin
  • spv btc fees local fallback, atomicexplorer.com url fixes
  • security: rce, session token fixes
  • added oot asset chain

# v0.2.30b

  • elections spv sendmany fix

# v0.2.30a

  • minor elections modal fixes
  • fixed vote2018 ac, added ninja ac
  • new spv coin dnr
  • a few minor bug fixes related to login and spv connections

# v0.2.29c

  • removed fiat asset chains
  • interest claim modal kmd fee info
  • spv empty login fix

# v0.2.29b

  • seed trim login fix
  • spv send form will feature fees/totals for all coins and kmd interest to be claimed if applicable

# v0.2.29a

  • spv caching
  • ltc tx fee bump to 0.001 (100000 sats)

# v0.2.28c

  • better spv tx history categorization
  • terminate rogue electrum connections

# v0.2.28b

  • btc spv
  • extended explorers list

# v0.2.28a

  • app menu debug - reset settings item
  • wif 2 wif fix
  • pub address validation
  • spv beer, pizza, vote, qtum, btx, btcz, hodlc

# v0.2.27d

  • voting
  • better decode error wording
  • watchonly spv

# v0.2.27c

  • tools merge/split utxo
  • audo's create seed verification method
  • fiat balance

# v0.2.27b

  • btch icon change
  • pizza, beer test coins

# v0.2.27a

  • login/create seed qr code scan/gen
  • native send subtract fee fix
  • spv send "all balance", "send to self" shortcut buttons
  • new section "tools", a bunch of handy functions to do wif to wif / seed to wif conversion, get utxo list etc

# v0.2.26c-d

  • btch spv, mgv spv
  • better tooltips
  • spv broadcast error info
  • send value fix
  • coin tile spv update fix
  • util explorer link fix
  • sn coins spv fees switched to static
  • spv export keys eror fix
  • start screen changed

# v0.2.26b

  • kmd logo update
  • coin tile badge pos change
  • coin tile stop action render cond fix
  • zcparams modal broken styling fix
  • all refs to barderdex are removed from about section
  • online/offline detection
  • 3 new asset chains AXO, BTCH, ETOMIC, native only
  • 2 more spv coins XMY and ZCL
  • spv send now should include the exact error message if "unable to broadcast"

# v0.2.26a

  • coin tile actions refactored as a dropdown menu
  • receive coin validate address option in address menu
  • rpc to cli passphru

# v.025f-j

  • 17 new spv coins experimental
  • spv export keys fix
  • language selector experimental
  • wif login update
  • send form false positive validation error fix
  • top right menu icon style change
  • settings support tab moved to a separate section

# v0.2.25d-e

  • settings app info daemon ports list
  • native wallet info network data
  • add coin modal spv mode desciption
  • add coin modal new coins dropdown
  • close modals on esc or overlay click
  • spv uncompressed wif key support

# v0.2.25a-c

  • settings bip39 key search, target audience ledger wallet users
  • 32 bit os detect, fallsback to spv mode only
  • spv is enabled by default
  • kmd passive is hidden under experimental option
  • connection error icon is suppressed during wallet rescan
  • native subtract fee error toaster fix
  • spv supernet, dex, bots, crypto, hodl, pangea, bet, mshark are unlocked
  • iguana menu fixes, renamed lock/logout to soft logout/complete logout
  • spv auto reconnect if server is unreachable, sockets connect timeout is set to 10s
  • claim interest spinner
  • windows sync workaround threshold is changed from 0-80% range to 0-30% range
  • settings debug.log reader asset chain support
  • send native hide ismine:false addresses
  • claim interest added native change description
  • shark - mshark change
  • dump z address key fix
  • hide address export in spv

# v0.2.24g

  • claim interest button address check

# v0.2.24f

  • native claim interest success toaster address fix
  • spv claim interest auto close on success
  • spv claim interest fee subtract fix
  • native import key modal wif visibility toggle
  • spv logout / remove coin cache cleanup fix

# v0.2.24e

  • jumblr pause/resume
  • send form txid copy btn, link to explorer
  • claim interest modal native address dropdown, spv
  • tx history / balance refresh spinner
  • claim interest not fully synced native coin warning sign

# v0.2.24d

  • agama modes explained on startup window
  • receive ismine:false toggle
  • send / claim interest balance calc fix, discard any ismine:false utxo
  • display max available balance on send validation err
  • clean gen* files
  • settings clear komodo/chain data folder
  • catch coind exit

# v0.2.24c

  • spv random server select on add coin
  • spv listtransactions zeroconf timestamp fix
  • improved coind down modal, less intrusive
  • komodod prints piped out into log files
  • settings native wallet.dat fetch keys
  • receive coin wif key copy button
  • disable missing zcash params check if spv only coins

# v0.2.24a/b

  • mnz and kmd spv should work now
  • spv wif login fix
  • spv seed login fix, affected seeds containing non-latin chars
  • spv lock
  • spv logout
  • remove coin
  • coind detached mode
  • coind down modal configurable threshold, workaround for false positives