# Generate a multisig address using Agama

First step to generate a multisig address in Agama is to download latest Agama release: Download Agama Wallet

After downloading Agama for your preferred OS, run it and select Activate Coin: welcome-screen After you activate your favorite coin in lite mode, go to Tools section and select Generate multisig address


If you don’t see Tools section, follow this guide to activate Advanced features https://support.komodoplatform.com/en/support/solutions/articles/29000024423-activate-advanced-features



A multisig address is a special address that will require different people to sign each transaction with their own private keys. To create a multisig address you will need all your peers to share with you the pubkey which will be used to sign transactions (these public-keys and their corresponding private-keys should be very well backed up by each owner). You can find your pubkey from the receive section as shown in the following image.


# Generating the address

  • In the Generate multisig address section, you can select how many total pubkeys you will want as signers and how many signers will be needed to make a transaction.

  • For example if you select 2 of 3, you will have 3 total pubkeys that can sign but at least 2 will be needed to make a transaction.

  • Next, select which coin you will be making this address for.

  • Finally, list all 3 (or total of keys needed) in the text box.


Once you generate the multisig address, you will get several outputs:

  • Address: bQE41eaXq2eC2jWtM95XqWe8TRNF8uVjv5

  • Redeem script:

  • Script pub key: a9147e1adc17cf2c33f516b222b83eb4f8f53e088a0887

  • and finally the complete script you will need to use for future transactions:

  "redeemScript": "522102c28ba9fc9c7575d0148d731bf9c9b8e4df5bc38588f5944c773c8a9ecfd1f4782102a02f2b7904381bcc0b53a701ed69a3c68a7f4ee5c35dbedca329ca6c05203b202102cbbdfa609054a88515359e91b5ebcb45fade232c104365ff3459cee74abcbee853ae",
  "scriptPubKey": "a9147e1adc17cf2c33f516b222b83eb4f8f53e088a0887",
  "nOfN": "2-3",
  "messageSecret": "438e24da3db1407e040d86ab8462750e9125448994909d29407937931c076d53",
  "messageCID": "040d86ab8462750e438e24da3db1407e",
  "pubKeys": [


Store this information as well as possible, you can distribute it between your peer signers so that each one can store this information. This will be vital for moving funds from this address.

Now you have a multisig address with no funds in it. You have to use the Multi-signature transaction section to be able to send from the multisig address as shown here.