1. Add Unicoin (MYTH) to default currencies. Commit Details
  1. The MYTH coin is now available in the enabled currencies in the Settings view
  1. Add ability to export trade history to CSV. For example, for use in Excel. (Github #450) Commit Details
  1. The export trade history button may be found in the Settings view
  1. A file browser will appear for you to save the CSV
  1. In the swap details modal, link transactions to block explorer web pages. (Github #453) Commit Details
  1. Once a swap has completed successfully Alice/Bob payment may now be selected
  1. After selecting a Alice/Bob tx the explorer will now be opened
  1. Swap details modal tweaks. Commit#1 Commit#2
  1. The swap details windows has been redesigned with a the ability to show or hide details within the broadcasted order and a graphics update between coins
../../_images/image67.png ../../_images/image77.png
  1. Add “Help” menu item to report security issues. Commit Details
  1. Once selected your mail client will open and a new email will be created to send to hyperdex@protonmail.com;
  1. Add ability to sort orders in the Trades view. Commit Details
  1. In both Open Orders and Trade History tabs of the Trades view you may sort all trades by selecting any column header
../../_images/image96.png ../../_images/image105.png
  1. GTC orders. Commit Details
  1. All orders are now Good ‘Till Cancelled (GTC) orders. If you place an order it will stay pending and keep re-broadcasting the order every 10 minutes until it either matches or the user cancels it. Read more.
  1. Disable Debug Mode by default in production. You can re-enable it in the Help menu. Commit Details
  1. Only show open orders on the exchange view. Commit Details
  1. Because of GTC, we now only show open orders in the Exchange view. Go to the Trades view to view completed/failed orders.
  1. Add donate button. Commit Details
  1. A donate button has been added to a fixed position adjacent to the feedback button
  1. A window will appear with a deposit address, please support!!


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