1. Support for the Equaliser (EQL) currency.
  1. Equaliser (EQL) coin added in Settings view.
  1. Once added, the EQL coin will be displayed in your portfolio
  1. EQL coin available in Exchange view
  1. Displays order failures using a system notification.
  1. Order failures with an explanation will now be displayed by the app in the bottom right of the screen

3. Shows the worth of a swap in USD in the order column in the Exchange view. a. Swap worth is displayed above Buy button in the Exchange view

  1. Swap worth is displayed above Sell button in Exchange view
  1. Fixed a crash caused by number some inputs having the incorrect data type.
  1. An error existed during swaps where inputs were sometimes treated as an integer and other times treated as a string. This issue has been resolved and can be referenced in issuue #342
  1. Now gracefully handles Electrum errors.
  1. System notifications will now be displayed in place of code errors.

6. Added a debug menu item to delete swap history. a. To delete swap history from the exchange view select the debug menu option then select Delete Swap History

  1. Updated to BarterDEX Marketmaker v1.0.238
  1. Marketmaker has now been updated and can be referenced here: Link to Github