A Note to Exchanges

There is a parameter called -exchange that you can run the Komodo daemon (komodod) with, that ignores the rewards when a transaction is sent. One benefit is it allows exchanges to manage their account balances against their accounting software without any modification during account reconciliation.


If you normally start the daemon using the command:

./src/komodod -addnode= -daemon

adding the - parameter -exchange will make it:

./src/komodod -addnode= -exchange -daemon

This post on Bitcointalk gives the context related to addition of the parameter to Komodo: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1605144.msg17732151#msg17732151

If you were already running the normal mode, to enable the parameter,

  1. Backup all privkeys (launch komodod with -exportdir=<path> and run ./komodo-cli dumpwallet <filename>)
  2. Start a totally new sync including a new wallet.dat, launch with the same exportdir and the parameter
  3. Stop it before it gets too far and import all the privkeys backed up during step a) using ./komodo-cli importwallet <filename>
  4. Resume sync till it gets to chaintip

For example:

./komodod -exportdir=/tmp &
./komodo-cli dumpwallet example
./komodo-cli stop
mv ~/.komodo ~/.komodo.old && mkdir ~/.komodo && cp ~/.komodo.old/komodo.conf ~/.komodo.old/peers.dat ~/.komodo
./komodod -exchange -exportdir=/tmp &
./komodo-cli importwallet /tmp/example