Calculate Komodo rewards using an npm module

This module has been created by Luke Childs a developer in the Komodo ecosystem.


npm install get-komodo-rewards


Pass in a utxo object and an integer of the accrued rewards in satoshis will be returned.

const getKomodoRewards = require('get-komodo-rewards');

const utxo = {
  tiptime: 1552292091,
  locktime: 1552248193,
  height: 1263192,
  satoshis: 3206795322480

const rewards = getKomodoRewards(utxo);
// 205000320


  • tiptime should be the current tiptime from komodod.
  • If you don’t have access to this, you can use a client-side generated UNIX timestamp at the cost of slightly reduced accuracy. If you do this, use a timestamp ~10 minutes in the past to avoid over calculating the rewards and creating an invalid transaction.



Returns the accrued rewards in satoshis.

Name Type Description
utxo (Object) An object containing the following properties of the UTXO.

Keys of the utxo object

Name Type Description
tiptime (number) The current tiptime of the Komodo blockchain.
locktime (number) The locktime value of the UTXO.
height (number) The height of the UTXO.
satoshis (number) The value of the UTXO in satoshis.


MIT © Atomic Labs

MIT © Luke Childs