# Calculate Komodo rewards using an npm module


When using this module after the KMD blockheight of 3484958, please make sure the PR at https://github.com/atomiclabs/get-komodo-rewards/pull/1 is merged and the updated code is published on npm.

This module has been created by Luke Childs (opens new window).

# Install

npm install get-komodo-rewards

# Usage

Pass in a utxo object and an integer of the accrued rewards in satoshis will be returned.

const getKomodoRewards = require("get-komodo-rewards");
const utxo = {
  tiptime: 1552292091,
  locktime: 1552248193,
  height: 1263192,
  satoshis: 3206795322480
const rewards = getKomodoRewards(utxo);
// 205000320


# getKomodoRewards(utxo)

Returns the accrued rewards in satoshis.

# Keys of the utxo object

# License

MIT © Atomic Labs

MIT © Luke Childs