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Komodo's blockchain technology enables developers to create and run fully independent blockchains in a secure and highly competitive environment.

Each independent blockchain built on the Komodo framework has a wide range of capabilities, including:

■ Bitcoin-hash rate supported security

■ Zero-knowledge privacy

■ Enterprise-level scalability

■ Modular blockchain logic

■ Blockchain clustering

■ ...and more!

Because a Komodo-based blockchain (Smart Chain) is independently managed, the developer has complete freedom, so long as the essential connections to the Komodo ecosystem remain.

Create Smart Chains

Use Komodo's Technology to create your own independent blockchains. Customizations available include: Coin emission, PoW/PoS, Privacy, Antara modules and many more...

Explore Antara Modules

The various modules created by Komodo are like plugins that can be enabled at the time of creating an assetchain. The features they add include: Tokens, Oracles, Provable RNG for use in dApps, Micro Payments, Crypto Inheritance, MuSig, Gateways, Quantum Resistant Dilithium signing ......

Browse Komodo API

Komodo's API consists of almost all the commands available in Bitcoin version 0.14 and many other useful RPC that are specific to the Komodo ecosystem.