# Enabling Electrum Wallet Coins

To enable SPV wallets, also known as Electrum Wallets, just edit the ./electrum script to add the command for the prefered coin. A list of all available electrum servers for various coins is available here.

# Copy ./electrum to ../dexscripts directory:

cd ``/KomodoPlatform/iguana/echanges``
cp ./electrum ../dexscripts

# Open ./electrum to add a coin:

cd ../dexscripts
nano electrum

Will show:

source userpass
curl --url "" --data "{"userpass":"$userpass","method":"electrum","coin":"BTC","ipaddr":"","port":50001}"
  • Add any curl command from here to the file.
  • Hit CTRL+X then Y then ENTER to save the file and exit
  • Execute: ./electrum
  • Now electrum coins specified will be active and available for trading.