# Enabling Native Wallet Coins

There are two ways of enabling coins. One method is to edit the ./enable file, the other is to edit the ./coins file. The ./enable file is simple to edit but it will need to be executed manually every time the ./client is executed. On the other hand, the ./coins file is a little more complicated to edit, but a coin that has been activated in the coins file will automatically be activated after ./client is executed.

# Editing the ./enable file

cd ~/SuperNET/iguana/dexscripts
nano ./enable

Will show:

source userpass
curl --url "" --data "{\"userpass\":\"$userpass\",\"method\":\"enable\",\"coin\":\"NAME_OF_COIN\"}"

To list a coin on the enable file you need to change NAME_OF_COIN for the coin you want enabled. Copy and paste the line with a new coin for whatever other coins you want enabled. NOTE: KMD is enabled by default and doesn't need to be listed in the enable file.

After changes in the enable file, run:


# Editing the ./coins file

Assuming you are in ~/SuperNET/iguana/dexscripts

nano ./coins

Will show:

export coins="[{\"coin\":\"REVS\",\"active\":1, \"asset\":\"REVS\",\"rpcport\":10196}, {\"coin\":\"JUMBLR\",\"active\":1, \"asset\":\"JUMBLR\",\"rpcport\":15106}, etc, etc, etc}]"

Add ,``"active":1``, to any coin you want to be active by default at startup like this:

{\"coin\":\"NAME_OF_COIN\",\"active\":1, \"asset\":\"NAME_OF_COIN\",\"rpcport\":10196}

If a coin is PoS, add the following parameter:


You will need to restart the ./client for the coin to get active. This change won't take effect automatically. But once a coin is active, it will activate automatically when you restart ./client without the need to run ./enable first.

To stop the ./client process, use ./stop