# Trade

Don't forget: Coins for trade pairs need to be activated in the MarketmakerV1, either native or electrum wallets can be used.


To see the order book you need to execute: ./orderbook

If the ./client is synced the orderbook will be listed. Remember that you have to add that coin to the orderbook file:

nano ./orderbook

add this command with the name of the coin you want to see:

curl --url "" --data "{\"userpass\":\"$userpass\",\"method\":\"orderbook\",\"base\":\"NAME_OF_COIN\",\"rel\":\"KMD\"}"


./buy executes trades based on the values specified in the command. The command looks like this:

curl --url "" --data "{\"userpass\":\"$userpass\",\"method\":\"autotrade\",\"base\":\"NAME_OF_BASE_COIN",\"rel\":\"NAME_OF_REL_COIN\",\"relvolume\":VOLUME_OF_REL_COIN,\"price\"PRICE_OF_BASE_COIN}"

You will need to edit this script based on the info the orderbook prints. The script will look for the orders most similar to the values of ./buy and do an atomic swap between the chains.

After editing the ./buy file with your order parameters, execute it and you should have a trade going.

IMPORTANT: For better results and security (dust attack vector) ./buy only execute trades that are at least 10% of the offered bob(ask) order. For example, if a bob order (an ask in the orderbook) of 10 REVS is offered at a price of 1.25 komodo per REV the autotrade command should be with a relvolume of at least: 1 REV


since 1 is 10% of the total order of 10 REVS.

Alice, the one buying the REVS with KMD, will pay 1/777th of the KMD amount as fee, as a sort of safeguard against spam attacks.

If you found an order in the orderbook with duration in the command, you should include that in the ./buy method as well:

  "userpass": "$userpass",
  "method": "autotrade",
  "duration": 10000,
  "base": "REVS",
  "rel": "KMD",
  "relvolume": 12.5,
  "price": 10

# SELLING (bob utxos)


To create a bob utxo (or an ask order) you need to first set the price. To set price you need to edit the ./setprice script in the dexscripts folder:

cd ~/KomodoPlatform/iguana/dexscripts/
nano setprice

This script contains a curl command that looks like this:

curl --url "" --data "{\"userpass\":\"$userpass\",\"method\":\"setprice\",\"base\":\"NAME_OF_COIN_TO_TRADE\",\"rel\":\"KMD\",\"price\":PRICE_OF_ORDER}"

In this command you should edit the coin (NAME_OF_COIN_TO_TRADE) and then set the price (PRICE_OF_ORDER) per coin based in Komodo.

For example: if you want to sell REVS at 1.25 komodo per REV, then NAME_OF_COIN_TO_TRADE should be REVS and PRICE_OF_ORDER should be 1.25.

After you edit the file, execute it ( ./setprice ), then it will appear in orderbooks with that coin in either the base or rel.