Debug Komodo

To run Komodo in debug mode and help developer troubleshoot issues found at client end systems, please follow these steps:


These steps are including notary node references in komodod command, but in case you are not a notary node, you don't need to include those command parameters.

Prerequisite is to install gdb

sudo apt-get install gdb

Run Komodo daemon with gdb tool

Whichever komodod command you are running which results in crashing or problematic behavior run it with gdb -args

gdb -args  ./src/komodod -gen -genproclimit=2 -notary -pubkey="03af2412ebf9517a43d192193490476fd0a44312c70755e07eb03b6d71338ebc9d"

If you have trouble getting it started, try using the full path to the executable.

The above command initialize debugging.

Once you see gdb> command prompt type run to start komodo in debug mode.

Getting backtrace data

Then when it crashes you'll again see gdb> prompt, and some message from komodod daemon itself left some output in gdb before gdb>.

Type backtrace and and it will show further very important info that you need to pass to Komodo developers. Post whatever output you get from backtrace command to help troubleshoot issues.